Stuck Awake?

Lately I’ve had troubles sleeping and that’s maybe why this little picture caught my attention… I’m not quite sure whether to be appalled or humored..

I’m making myself a glass of warm milk with HONEY now. Nighty night sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

xxx Wood

The Day I Became A Chef

Hello there!

Long time no talk! I’ve been so busy packing for my move to Edinburgh in two weeks, that I officially decided to hate packing. So much work, so little time.

Anyways, this post was not meant to be about the difficulties of packing, but rather about the art of cooking. Cooking has never been so extensively on  my mind than during the past few weeks. It all started when a friend came to visit in the hopes of raking my fridge, but found nothing other than a tiny, lonely and most probably ancient chili pepper. Quite frankly I was totally embarrassed and immediately stocked up, proudly presenting a variety of delicacies and a not so lonely chili pepper on my friend’s next visit. I then dared to take a step further, making spaghetti for lunch. (Okay, okay, my friend cooked and I watched and learned. Did you know that water on its own can’t boil over? It merely evaporates!) Once acquainted with food-culture and the science of evaporation, I felt utterly sophisticated, enlightened and inspired, hence tried a more complex meal: Chicken Teriyaki. At least it started out being that, but soon developed into my very own creation. If you are some kind of Chicken-Teriyaki-Guru, you should probably stop reading this here and now.

But the story does end well, ergo this smiley-thumbs-up picture. Can you tell that I was excited to start cooking?

And here’s how it all happened:

I had googled a few Chicken Teriyaki recipes online, believing that by doing so, I would know the gist of preparing the meal. The ingredients were basic, or so I thought. At this point I must say that supermarkets do not strike me as logically organized. I think I ran around the place looking for garlic, ultimately finding three baskets at different ends of the market that contained garlic. I’m not sure if they were different types of garlic, or if it’s one of those cheeky tactics to get people to buy it, but it seriously messed with me. Being somewhat confused, I chose the garlic from the prettiest basket and carried on my shopping. Chicken, check. Ginger, check. Soy-sauce, check. Sesame oil, check. I came across tomatoes, feta cheese, herb-curd (or quark) and flat bread, when inspiration hit me. I ended up throwing all that and a bag of chips into my shopping cart, (pun intended). Moving to the wine section, I may have spent decades looking for the japanese rice wines that put the Teriyaki in chicken. I left without them. Surprisingly enough I found the ‘Miri’ wine in my kitchen cupboard; serendipity. And that’s when the fun began.

I decided to make two main dishes. The chicken (not so much Teriyaki when I was done with it) and the flat bread with a creamy-salad filling. This is what I used for preparing the chicken:

Salt, sesame oil, garlic, parsley, chicken, spices (I used curry and paprika), a lemon, brown sugar, miri, pepper and soy sauce. In a bowl I mixed all the the ingredients together (except for the chicken) until it tasted good. (Can you tell that I don’t usually cook?) I also put some of the lemon peel in it. Then I added the chicken, dug in with my hands and churned the whole thing. It kind of looked and felt like brains, not that I would know how brains feel like. Still, it was the best part, which I’d like to call interactive cooking. I put the chicken in the fridge to let it rest there. Once in a while did a litte check-up churn (just because it was so much fun).

The next thing was to prepare the Creamy-Salad Thingymabop, which I literary came up with then and there. I don’t want to brag, but it was genius. For the Creamy-Salad Thingymabop I needed:

Salad, herb-curd, feta cheese, tomatoes and a lemon. The flat bread went in the oven later, and I also served rice to the meal. All I did was mush together the cheese, curd, cut-up tomatoes and a little lemon peel and a spritz of lemon in a big bowl until it looked yummy like this:

How scrumptious is that? I then added the salad and a little salt to it and it was all done! Cooking can be so simple. The Creamy-Salad Thingymabop went into the fridge and the bread went into the oven. I made the rice, put the chicken in the pan and let it cook. Being creative at heart I had a blast getting out the big plates and pondering on how to best serve my gourmet menu. Food, like anything else in my life just has to be visually beautiful. And this is what it all ended up looking like:


P.S. I did not get food poisoning, yes I survived!

xxx Wood

Taking Words Right Out of My Soul

Do you know those songs that voice your most inner feelings and thoughts in some twisted way? The lyrics catch your attention and compel you to listen to the same tune over and over again, until it becomes a part of you; your very own sacred theme-song. I’m experiencing this phenomenon with one of Damien Rice’s songs. Besides being an inspirational artist, with an imposing gift of packing massive emotions into 5 minutes of melody, Damien Rice has such a soothing, nearly hypnotic influence on me. Thank you for being, Mr. Rice.

“What I give to you is just what I’m going through, this is nothing new, no, no just another phase of finding what I really need is what makes me bleed” -Damien Rice, Volcano

Intelligence is Sexy, Confidence is Beautiful.


Sunday marked Marilyn Monroe’s 50th death anniversary. I truly believe that Marilyn epitomized class, grace and splendor. Embodying femininity and personifying poise and boldness, Marilyn seems to be the ultimate idol and worthy of respect.

In today’s society, those old-fashioned, yet oh-so sophisticated values seem lost amongst the myriad of lean, hair-flicking blondes in their teeny-weeny mini skirts, holding freakishly smart smartphone to their ears. Of course the times were different during Marilyn’s days, and it would be naive to say that every girl should strive to become a Mother Theresa. But lets face it; the present-day female landscape is extremely shaming. Let me draw your attention to one of the many “lets get naked, famous and rich” TV-shows, which depict women as shallow, avarice and tawdry. I’m not sure if you have ever watched The Bachelor, where the contestants make a fool of themselves on national television by being vulgar and crude? Some might argue that it is the modern misogynistic world, that labels women as brummagem and vacuous bodies, but I say it’s the modern-girl’s lack of self-respect. Not without reason does Aretha sing R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect needs a lot of time and work to build up, but is one of the most significant factors of a civilized society.

Why can’t the ideal IT-Girl be a woman of excellence, elegance and success? When I think of such things Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. jump into my mind rather than Paris Hilton or Snookie. So what’s the secret? Discipline and self-control! In the modern world of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter small mistakes can exacerbate so fast, so easy. So ask yourself, what would Audrey d0? Would she give that guy in the bar a dance alla Coyote-Ugly? I don’t think so.

So what am I saying? Bring back grace, style, discretion. Ladies, respect yourselves, educate yourselves. We don’t want any more infamous Miss South Carolinas,  screwing up the map question. The world needs spoken, strong and charming women. Intelligence is sexy, confidence is beautiful.

Xxx Wood

“I think, with never-ending gratitude, that the young women of today do not an can never know at what price their right to free speech and to speak at all in public has be earned”- Lucy Stone

Kensington Palace

Finally the weather is nice in london and how better to absorb the warmth by  taking a stroll through the park? The Kensington Palace has such beautiful and lushes gardens. I think I might have spotted every existing shade of green that day. No wonder Kate and William get to live here, it’s so majestic and resplendent.  I was being a tiny bit patriotic by wearing red, blue and white, but I just couldn’t resist with the Olympics going on.

3 pictures; 3 places

1) After the Santi Skin Spa party in South Kensington. I’m wearing a top from Zara and an American Apparel skirt.

2) I love well dressed children; they’re just too adorable. She looks like a little princess.

3) Dinner at the Bluebird in Chelsea. YUM!

xxx Wood